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Registered/Licenced Holistic Nutrition Practitioner (RHNP™/LHNP™)

Manuela is a trained professional who uses an integrative and holistic approach to balance diet and lifestyle in order to improve your overall health.

What do I, as a Registered/Licenced Holistic Nutrition Practitioner™ (RHNP™/LHNP™) do? 

I will have a look at your lifestyle habits, stress levels, nutritional patterns, fitness, mental health and other things, to find out where I can support you and your body the best and help with your journey to better health and a better you. I am not allowed to prescribe medications/drugs to you, as I am not a doctor. However, since I will take a look at you and your body from a holistic perspective, I will be able to recommend lifestyle changes, supplements, diet changes, will educate you about stress response skills and more. Finding balance in your life is most important and very helpful to remain healthy or gain your health back! I look forward to working with you!

What types of services do I provide and what are the costs? 

1-on-1 sessions, starting at $95/hr with the options of buying several sessions upfront with a 10% discount for following sessions.

Individualized testing (includes 1 hr evaluation session): DHA Omega-3 for $198, Food Sensitivity test with 220 food panel for $398, Hair Cortisol levels $198, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) and Genetic Testing, see below.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), is a individualized, non-invasive opportunity to understand, what happens at your cellular level in your body. Your symptoms/health issues may be related to toxins and/or mineral deficiencies. They can potentially be the underlying cause of so many illnesses, symptoms, and health issues. Minerals are the “spark plugs of life” and if they are out of balance, the body has to deal with it, rather then healing itself is either not progressing or does not happen at all. Imbalances will be discussed with you during the evaluation session and then you decide, how you want to proceed. I get hair tested at CanAltLabs, Ontario, Canada. ( By the way, dogs, cats and equine can also be tested with this method. Prizes on request for animals.

1x hair test + up to 1.5 hrs evaluation session, $245

Genetic Testing for Personalized Nutrition and Fitness. This is a non-invasive saliva test, offered by Nutrigenomix ( You only do the test once during your lifetime. Therefore, the test is a bit more expensive but with the report that you will receive, you can find out alot of different things. As an example, if you can drink many cups of coffee or if you should drink max. 1 cup/day, to stay healthy. I have test kits available here at my office or Nutrigenomix will send test kits directly to your home address, free of charge.

70-gene test + up to 1.5 hrs evaluation session, $498.

77-gene test + up to 1.5 hrs evaluation session, $538.

How will it work ?

I offer in-person, phone calls and/or online video sessions. Before we start working together, I will send out a health assessment form by email and ask you to answer the questions for me. It will take about 20 minutes of your time. Through your answers, I will gain a better understanding of how your body works, what issues may be related to each other and how we can fine tune your health journey. We will then setup an appointment to talk about it in more detail and find ways to support your health goals the best way possible.

Will my group insurance plan pay for the sessions?

Yes. The following group insurance plans cover fees for “Holistic Nutritionists or Natural Nutrition”:

Blue Cross
Claim Assure
​Sunlife Group
Industrial Alliance
Alberta Bluecross

 If you cannot find your insurance provider mentioned above, please check with them as most are offering now coverage under personal health spending accounts if that’s available to you by your employer. Please check with your insurance provider directly, as your employers choses what to cover and how much the spending limit will be.

Interested in booking an appointment or do you have any further questions?

Contact me by email or call the office at 250-593-4431. You can akso find me on facebook.

Registered/Licenced Holistic Nutrition Practitioner (RHNP™/LHNP™)

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