• QUIET TIME: 10.00 pm- 08.00 am
  • MARIJUANA: not allowed on the resort property
  • DOGS must be kept on a leash at all times. Please clean up after them in all areas and keep them quiet
  • MUSIC: Respect the peace and quiet of others, keep your noise to a minimum at all times
  • CAMPFIRES: max. of 50cm x 50cm allowed! Extinguish them before going to bed or leaving the resort
  • GARBAGE not allowed in fire pits, please use garbage bins in the designated areas
  • RECYCLING: please use our recycling stations
  • FIRE PITS have to stay where they are
  • WOOD BUNDLES can be purchased/picked up at the office, $7
  • WOOD out of our forest is private and not for guests
  • WASTE WATER: please use sani-dump or register for a pump-out ($15) at the office
  • FIREWORKS, firearms, air guns and slingshots are prohibited
  • GENERATORS are not allowed
  • SEA DOOS/JET SKIES are not allowed
  • ATV’s have to be stored in our designated ATV parking area or on your truck/trailer; you are not allowed to ride them around the resort at any time
  • SHORE LINE SPEED RESTRICTIONS: please observe speed limit of 10km/h (6 mph) within 30 meters (100 ft) from shore
  • CARS, MOTORHOMES, TRAILERS must not be washed on the resort. Car wash at Interlakes Corner
  • POSTED ROAD SPEED REDUCTION has to be obeyed throughout the resort
  • BOAT- AND UTILITY TRAILERS must be stored in designated boat trailer storage areas
  • VISITORS have to call the office before arrival
  • VISITOR HOURS are from 8am – 10pm


  • RV check-in time 2pm
  • Outhouses are open (24/7)
  • Shower house is open from 7am – 9pm for registered guests only
  • Laundromat is open from 2pm-9pm daily for registered guests only
  • “Honey wagon” service available Tuesdays and Fridays. Sign up the night before by 5pm.
  • Please bring household garbage and cardboard to the blue dumpster bins near the resort entrance. Recyclables (bottles, cans, plastic, and tins…) can be dropped off there as well.
  • Check-out time: 10am


  • Cabin check-in time 3pm
  • Guests have to bring their own bedding & bath towels (mattress covers & bottom sheets are supplied)
  • Shower house is open from 7am-9pm daily for registered guests only
  • Laundromat is open from 2pm-9pm daily for registered guests only
  • Check-out time: 10am


  • Self-check-in registration form will await you at the check-in board. We will contact you before arrival date.
  • Invoice will be sent out the night before you leave. Payment can be made during office hours. We accept all major credit cards, debit card and cash.


  • Guests are responsible for all nights reserved!
  • Cabin reservation requires a 1 night, non-refundable deposit upon reservation
  • RV Site reservation requires a $40 non-refundable deposit upon reservation


  • 8-14 days prior to arrival, 50% charge applies, cancellation within 1 week of arrival, 100% charge applies

Thank you very much for your cooperation. We wish you a memorable stay and hope to welcome you back in the near future.